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Red Balloon Foundation is a Christian charity serving families and communities to enable them to "discover and become who they are designed to be..."

Red Balloon Foundation work on a variety of projects supporting churches and communities in the pursuit of helping children, youth and families belong, believe and become all that they were designed to be.

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We are currently looking for people to join us in helping children, young people and families to discover and become who they were designed to be.

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 Thank you for continuing to deliver these lovely boxes! My children get excited every week, They know they are full of fun and then we sit together and complete the activities it's the highlight of their week!


Thank you so much for our box.

It came on a day where my husband had had a really tough day at work. We enjoyed unpacking it together. And since then the children and I have  been using the resources. We’ve saved the best until last - making the crispie cakes! 


It is a real blessing to hear the insightful responses from our children. Your work is a real blessing!

Midweek groups

Thank you so much for the absolutely FANTASTIC programmes you run for our little ones each week. As a parent I am so, so thankful for you guys and for all that our children are learning from the bible in your weekly sessions. 

Please consider supporting RBF's ministry with a gift today

so we can give even more families the chance to "Belong, Believe and Become..."


Press the 'Donate' button if you do not have a PayPal account and would like to give by debit/credit card.

Press the 'PayPal Online Giving' button if you do have a PayPal account (or would not mind opening one) and we will receive an extra 25p for every £1 you donate from the UK government.  

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