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assemblies box

Assemblies Boxes conatain everything your School needs to lead high quality, fun and engaging acts of collective worship.

Each box is tailor made to the needs of your school with whole school boxes and smaller classroom boxes designed for smaller groups.

If you would like to enquire about ordering a bespoke Assemblies Box for your school please contact us!

Image by Gabriel Benois

Virtual assemblies

RBF offer virtual interactive assemblies designed with your pupils in mind. Each assembly is engaging with stories, challanges and opportunities for children to share their ideas.

Sessions follow a series of themes linking to what is going on in the wider world each week. Each assembly has a clear learning points that children can practically apply in their lives.

Assemblies are delivered using a secure platform to allow children and their families to engage with them safely.

If you would like to have virtual assemblies at your school contact us at

Face to face Assemblies

The RBF team have delivered hundreds of school assemblies on a wide variety of topics to ages from 4 to 18.


We are happy to discuss any level of involvement with your school for assembly delivery, be it coming to do a special one off on a particular theme right up to having a regular slot every week to build a real relationship with your students. We do not make a charge to schools for our assemblies work as we feel that high quality, interactive, engaging and memorable assemblies are an essential part of education and we want to do all that we can to ensure as many children as possible receive that level of provision.

We generally tend to use Christian stories and ideas to communicate the particular themes you request, for instance, we might share part of the story of Joseph to talk about “Family” or “Bullying”, or Gideon to explore “Courage”. We also have a bank of all different ways of teaching about Christian festivals and are happy to deliver special Christmas/Easter/Pentecost (Whitsun) assemblies.

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We are also happy to use secular stories or stories from other faiths on request although we wouldn’t take on a regular weekly booking on that basis. In line with the Essex RE Curriculum, we can also deliver assemblies about ceremonies and festivals for any religion exploring how they compare and contrast with Christianity (for example, we have delivered assemblies looking at how Buddha Purnima (the celebration of the birth of Siddhartha Gautama in Buddhism) compares with Christmas or looking at the ways that various religions celebrate a Harvest Festival).

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