Thank you for continuing to deliver these lovely boxes! My children get excited every week, They know they are full of fun and then we sit together and complete the activities it's the highlight of their week!


Thank you so much for our box.

It came on a day where my husband had had a really tough day at work. We enjoyed unpacking it together. And since then the children and I have  been using the resources. We’ve saved the best until last - making the crispie cakes! 


It is a real blessing to hear the insightful responses from our children. Your work is a real blessing!

Midweek groups

Thank you so much for the absolutely FANTASTIC programmes you run for our little ones each week. As a parent I am so, so thankful for you guys and for all that our children are learning from the bible in your weekly sessions. 

BalloonBox is RBF's way of supporting Churches and families with a variety of resources. 


Whether you are running a Sunday School, midweek outreach group, need some help with ideas for when your children are at home or want to send someone a gift box of essentials because things are difficult, Red Balloon has a Box for you...! Click on the pictures below to find your perfect Box.

An imersive christmas journey experience delivered to your local primary school!

ChristmasBox is a reshaping of the classic christmas journey experience that primary pupils up and down the country are so used to at this time of year.

Each box contains everything a class would need to explore the story of the first Christmas and how it links to Christmas today. 


What's in the Box?

  • Something Gold

  • Some frankinsence and myrrh

  • Candles

  • Teaching resources and videos

  • Craft activities 

  • And much more!

We would love to work with you to personalise these boxes to your Church and school!

Please do drop us a message at bb@rbf.org.uk 

COVID 19 Update 30th March 2020: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, RBF is suspending production of our SundayBox, SchoolBox and MidweekBox resources designed for church/education based groups in order to focus on our materials sent direct to families. If you are a current Sunday/School/MidweekBox user, we will be in touch to arrange your subscription being switched to resources delivered direct to the families you usually support.

If you are interested in signing up for BB Sunday or BB Midweek for when social distancing restrictions are relaxed, please contact bb@rbf.org.uk and we will be happy to help.


Hours of fun and educational activities for families to explore together at home  

Everything from HomeBox plus a selection of staple groceries to support family life

Ingredients and recipes for the whole family to enjoy together for wholesome meals... and nice treats!

BOXES FOR Churches

BalloonBox Sunday