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BalloonBox Sunday is a ministry resource designed to equip and enable your team to deliver amazing faith-based children and youth sessions.


BalloonBox Sunday is written to three specific age groups;

Explore Mini (2-4), Core (4-11), Explore + (11-14)


The content and teaching to BalloonBox is written by a team of families workers with decades worth of combined experience and degrees in Christian theology and education.


  • 1x Welcome Card

  • 2x Leaders Notes

  • 7x Instruction Cards

  • All Craft Resources

  • Games Resources

  • Worship Suggestions

  • Video Resources

  • Story Content


Explore Mini


Explore mini is aimed at ages 2-4 and consists of a story, short Bible study, craft, and adult reflection. 


Explore mini is based on the same teaching as the core and Explore + sessions so that all the children receive the same teaching and input.

            Have a look through the notes here!


The core content of BalloonBox Sunday is aimed at ages

4-11 and consists of games, story content, video resources, Bible study,  crafts, story specific puzzle sheets, Bible challenges, construction challenges, dress up activities and an interactive prayer response!

         Have a look through the notes here!

Explore +

Explore + is aimed at ages 11-14. Explore + contains a game, introductory conversation, in depth Bible study, life aplication and suggestions for prayer responses.


                  Have a look at the notes here!

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