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We hope you've had a wonderful and peaceful christmas together with your families!

This week we are thinking about the wonder of the Nativity.

Please scroll through this page together reading each bit as we explore the Nativity story...

While we celebrate the Christmas season it is really easy to get caught up in everything and forget the original festival is all about a very special baby born many years ago...

After Jesus was born, He was visited by some very clever people who followed a bright star in the sky to find the special baby King and bring Him special gifts. 


30 Second Challenge

That very first Christmas the magi followed a star to find the baby Jesus in His manger in Bethlehem.

I wonder how many star shaped things you can find around your house in 30 seconds!


Why not challenge your grown up

and see who wins!



At the very first christmas the shepherds and Magi traveled for days to find and worship the holy baby king. Join us in worshiping god together either through singing and dancing along or by reflecting as you listen

The Real Christmas

As we celebrate all the joy and wonder that is Christmas lets think back to Christmas number 1 and discover what

really happend at Christmas.

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I Wonder...

Use these wondering questions as a family to briefly reflect on the story together...



    ...what the most important part of what we just watched?

    ...who would you have been in the story if you had been there all those years ago?

    ...can you remember what they three gifts that the Magi brought to Jesus were and why each     of the Magi said they brought them?You may wish to explore all three gifts or just one                 depending on the age of your child/children.

Gold for the King of Kings:

Discuss as a family the significance of Jesus being a King to us.

...What do kings do?

...What are the King’s servants expected to do? Obey orders? Take part in the missions the king sets out? Go where they are led?

...What kind of orders does Jesus give to us? Are those things we do in our lives on a regular basis?


Frankincense for the Priest of Priests:

...What is a priest? Discuss as a family that the role of the priest is to be the one who represents God to everyone else, and represents everyone to God.

...Jesus was the ultimate version of a priest because He was God in human form –He wasn’t just representing God, He was God!


One of Jesus’friends wrote that now that Jesus has been the ultimate priest, we are now all priests (1 Peter 2:2-5) – we all have the job of representing God to the people around us.


Frankincense is a special perfume that people used to literally believe was the ‘smell of God’–they would burn the perfume to show that God was there in a place.

...How can we be like frankincense, bringing the ‘smell’ of God into a place?

Myrrh for the Sacrifice:

Discuss as a family how the Magi knew that the way that Jesus would die would change all of history forever and myrrh in those days was used a bit like a cream that would be rub on to a person who had died.

Jesus was called the Lamb of God and in those days, people would kill a lamb as a way of saying sorry to God for the things they had thought and said and done that God would not have wanted them to do or say or think.

When Jesus died, He made a way for every person ever to be forgiven at once because we can all say sorry to God through Him.

...Are you good at saying sorry or do you find it difficult? Do you realise quickly when you have made a mistake or do people have to stop you and make you think about what you have been doing before you realise you were making a bad choice?

...Is there anything you would like to say sorry to God about now? Create a quiet moment for your family to silently offer up their ‘sorry’ prayer to Jesus together–the Lamb of God who died –was “sacrificed” -for them.

Responding to God


“When God gave the wise people clues that His Son was going to be born, He used a bright shining star in the sky to mark the birth of the light of the world!”


Can you make a Christmas tree decoration that reminds you of how Jesus' birth is the most important thing about Christmas and that God still wants to be with us today. 

When you're done why not display it somewhere in your room all year round as a reminder that God wants to be with us in everything.


As we finish session together let's worship God again as we celebrate the wonderful mystery of Christmas.



"Father God thank you so much for sending us your son that very first Christmas. As we start a new year would you help us to never forget how you love us so much that you gave us Jesus, Help us to include Him in everything we do this year! 


Thank you so much for joining us for BalloonStream today. Have a wonderful week!