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"GREATER THAN" is a family of resources designed to build emotional wellbeing and resilience in children, young people and families

Throughout 2021 and 2022, Red Balloon Foundation will be launching a variety of resources under our "Greater Than" strand designed to equip children's, youth and families' workers with what they need to build up the mental health of those they support.

Currently available are:

 "Embers the Dragon" - an interactive resource for children aged 3-7 and their parents/carers to lay firm foundations of emotional wellbeing and resilience and build school readiness from the earliest ages. To access Embers, head to the World of Embers the Dragon website.

Embers the Dragon is partnership project between RBF, Digital Mentality and Brickwall, funded by Innovate UK and the National Institute for Health Research

"Greater Than: Bouncing Back" - a six session course designed for informal settings working primarily with young people age 12-16 (but also suitable for 10-12's), covering an overview of emotional wellbeing issues commonly associated with traumatic experiences or global incidents like COVID19 and how young people can effectively respond to them in order to achieve positive mental health outcomes.  To access "Greater Than: Exploring Emotional Wellbeing", please contact

The development of Greater Than: Bouncing Back has received funding from Essex Youth Service and certain materials are drawn from resources commissioned by Epping Forest Youth Council, Epping Forest District Council and Active Essex. RBF gratefully acknowledges the support of all our partners. 

"Greater Than: Wellbeing Champions" - is a six session course designed to train Year 5 and 6 children within school settings to become 'Champions' for emotional and physical wellbeing within their school and then deliver the 'Champions Challenge' to their younger peers encouraging an increase in positive mental and physical outcomes across the school. If you are interested in running a Wellbeing Champions group within your school, please contact

Check back regularly as more "Greater Than" content becomes available!

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