mental health


Unfortunately, we live in a world today where Ill Mental Health is rife. Our world has come to understand the truth about Mental Health and we are at a time now where we understand it better than we ever have.As many as 1 in 4 young people experience Mental Health Problems in their lifetime, which is why The Red Balloon Family believe that it is important that both children and young people are taught about Mental Health as a part of their education. It is important that they are able to recognise signs and symptoms and know where to go and who to talk to when these issues arise.

The Red Balloon Family have devised a set of Mental Health Workshops which can be run for school classes or larger groups, for youth clubs/groups or anything alike. In these Mental Health Workshops, we first help the children/young people gain more of an understanding on Mental Health and the six most common Mental Health Problems (OCD, Eating Disorders, Schitzophrenia, Depression, Bipolar and Anxiety) through interactive and engaging tasks. This includes various games and quizzes.


We go on to teach the young people about various coping methods that are useful and positive to the body as well as the mind. Then we ask each individual to focus on their own current coping methods when they experience different moods (e.g Angry, Sad, Bored) and encourage them to think about different strategies they could use that would work for them in an ‘Emotional First Aid Kit’. We make sure that we equip the young people with a list of places that they can go to discuss any concerns they might have.


If the Mental Health Workshop is being run as a full day, we will often pair this up with elements of our Self-Esteem Workshops to encourage the young people to embrace their identity and encourage them to be true to themselves.


If you would like to contact The Red Balloon Family about how we can run a Mental Health Workshop in your school or organisation, please drop us an email at