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When you suspect that a young person you know and care about is being bullied online, it can make you as an adult feel powerless and ill equipped to help. The norm is sadly that parents, carers and teachers are excluded from the ONLINE life of the young people in our families and those we work with, but like it says throughout this site - ONLINE or OFFLINE, its all REAL LIFE. If someone tried to tear off your son's clothes on the street, you'd stop them immediately. If someone scrawled hateful messages about your daughter all over your house, you'd phone the police immediately. If someone was clearly spreading rumours about a young person in your class, you'd have them in at lunchtime to sort it out the same day. When these things happen ONLINE, we as adults need to respond just as quickly and robustly.

Problem is, when you type 'cyberbullying' into a search engine, you're likely to get as much unhelpful as there is helpful info out there, so we've picked out just four sites that we think every parent, carer and teacher should explore so they are ready to help every young person they know to STOP, BLOCK and SPEAK...

If you live in the Epping Forest District and would like a free hard copy of the parents STOP BLOCK SPEAK information booklet (or live outside the district and are interested in the resouces), please contact


RBF, who produced the STOP BLOCK SPEAK website on behalf of Epping Forest District Council and Essex Youth Service, are also available to run two hour workshops on cyberbullying and online safety for primary and secondary age young people in small groups right up to whole year group interactive presentations - contact for more information. 

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