RBF is working with the Parish of Walthamstow on a variety of exciting projects for children, young people and families.

If you would be interested in working with RBF on similar projects at your own church, please contact


St. mary's ONLINE

To sign up to any of the groups we run with St. Mary's please click on the button below.



TWIG is a weekly youth group on a Sunday evening from 6-8pm at St. Mary's Church Welcome center.


TWIG is a group for secondary school age teens who are passionate about injustice and making a difference. They also make crafts, cook dinner, eat together and study the Bible together. 

We're also heading off to Mexico on a mission trip in August. Find out more here: 

Games in the Yard

Games in the Yard is a brilliant activity for the whole family to drop in to on the way home from school. With activities available for toddlers right up to secondary age children, the whole Church yard comes alive from 3:30-5pm each week with fun games, crafts, activities, consoles, snacks and more!​

Parents/carers can drop off children who are primary school aged and above in the care of trained professional children's/youth workers and our volunteer team, or can choose to 'stay and play' with any age child, having fun trying out the different activities and games together. Its just like all those parent/toddler groups you went to when they were little, but with activities for all ages.

During the session, there are also moments of gathered time where larger groups will come together for games and to think about a story from the Bible which families can join in with or carry on doing other activities.