A team designed to equip and raise up young leaders to discover and become who they were designed to be...

Red Team is a 5 year journey starting the term you turn 11 designed to train and equip its 12 members to become leaders amongst their peers. 

In those 5 years members of Red Team will get the opportunity to design projects, volunteer in the community and learn how to lead brilliant sessions and events.

Red Team will meet on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm 

At the RBF head office in Walthamstow.

Year 1 and 2

In the first two years of Red team the group will get started on the 'Key Steps' qualification in our weekly sessions alongside an hour a weeks volunteering on a project with their church. Each year there will be opportunities to join with other groups on trips away and be part of the team to run them alongside having the opportunity to go on their own residential trip! 

At the end of year 2 the group will be undertaking a UK mission trip that they design and prepare themselves to meet a particular need they identify. 

Year 3 

Once the team reach their third year in Red Team in addition to all of the opportunities and experiences they had before they will also be paid employees of RBF for 2 hours of delivery each week along with beginning to take more of a leading role in running our residential trips for groups.

Year 4 and 5

The final two years of Red Team are all building up towards a life changing opportunity to go and minister overseas. They will spend time fundraising and setting up events to help fund their first overseas mission trip.

At the end of their 5 years we will celebrate all of their incredible achievements with a formal graduation.

*All funny stories and pictures from the 5 years of Red Team will be shared at this event*