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Collective worship in a box

Our collective worship boxes are tailor made for your schools
to help the teachers engage in regular acts of collective worship together. 

Each box contains candles, a Childrens Bible, prayer book and liturgy for
the class to follow. The box is structured in such a way that allows for the
children to lead their class and take an active roll in leading. 

CWB (Collective Worship Box) is a great way to make any staff member or child feel confident about leading the school or a class in an assembly. Attractive wooden boxes are supplied in school colours containing a selection of resources that allow any child/adult to lead an act of worship.
They can include:
•Candles and safety candle lighter (or electric candles);
•Fabric cloths representing the colours of the church year;
•“Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing” book
•Children’s Prayer Book & Children’s Bible
•Laminated cards with a bespoke ‘School Service’ outline so that any staff member (or older child) can lead the school/class through an assembly

We can supply large CWB’s suitable for use in school halls starting at £50 or smaller boxes for classroom use for £35. We can additionally supply a suite of high quality videos and backing tracks containing songs for the school to use during collective worship under your existing CCLI license and are happy to run special sessions to teach children the songs and how to use the CWB kits. In addition, in some schools we also deliver a ‘Collective Worship Club’ or ‘Prayer Club’ where children in Year 2 or above explore what ‘worship’ and ‘prayer’ are all about and are then trained in how to creatively and confidently lead acts of collective worship while being supported in devising their own assemblies to present to their peers and the wider school. These clubs can be delivered for £720 per ten week term, reducing to £400 where a school is able to provide a staff member to support our worker.

Curriculum Box 

A number of the schools we work with really appreciate support in covering different elements of the national curriculum from early years all the way up to sixth form enrichment sessions. It's a great way to support and serve your local school and our curriculum boxes give you everything you might need to be able to teach and deliver excellent and engaging sessions written by qualified teachers.

The Red Balloon Family provide curriculum teaching in a variety of disciplines delivered by our experienced staff.


As an overview, we have delivered within the last academic year:

- Weekly 1 Hour RE Sessions as part of PPA Cover provision

- Weekly 2 Hour Art & Drama Combined sessions as part of PPA Cover

- Weekly 2 Hour Art & Animation workshops as a special project for Year 6’s

- Weekly 1 Hour Drama Sessions in an Alternative Education setting

- Interactive PSHE Theatre Shows focusing on Bullying, Internet Safety &
  Safer Strangers for whole year groups


We are able to offer all of these, combinations of these and other provision at very reasonable rates starting at just £25 per hour per staff member. Some of team hold full QTS, others have appropriate specialist skills in arts, RE, etc., depending on the sessions they are delivering.

If you would like to discuss this further with us please drop us a line on


We can offer assemblies relating to the Christian faith and a wide range of other topics in line with your school ethos. Our team have collectively delivered thousands of assemblies over many years and know how to make collective worship fun and impactful. There is no cost to schools, and we are happy to deliver: in person, live over Zoom/Teams or other platforms or provide pre-recorded assemblies lasting 5/10/15 minutes as required.


FestivalBox is a project which allows children to explore key Christian festivals

in a fun and highly interactive way. With variations available for all year groups, schools are supplied with an attractive wooden box inside which are a wide variety of resources for classes to explore the festival with accompanying teacher’s notes and a PowerPoint presentation with videos of all the main teaching elements.

The sessions are highly flexible and can be delivered in one or two hours (depending on which extension activities are used) or across a series of 20-30 minute sessions which can often work well for younger children where they explore the festival across a week.

Each box costs £25 to hire for a week (with each additional box costing £15) or where schools would like to keep them as part of their permanent RE resources we can supply them for £80 a box (quantity discounts available).

We are also happy to supply RBF team to come and deliver the sessions as interactive workshops (priced in line with our PPA Cover offer below) or to work alongside your local church so that the Box can be explored as part of a trip to the church to explore the festival.

We currently offer festival boxes for Christmas, Easter, Pentecost & Harvest with more on the way for other festivals in the future!

Reflection pods

RBF can setup a ‘Reflection Pod’ within an area of a classroom or in a shared space designed to be a retreat space where children can take part in engaging activities which challenge them to reflect, be mindful and explore ‘big’ questions. Our pods can be rooted in reflections on the Christian faith or explore ideas more broadly without reference to a particular tradition as required, and we are very happy to create bespoke activities linked to particular school ethos/values or different times in the year.

The cost of a ‘pod’ depends on whether it is temporary for a week or a more permanent place and how many children are expected to use it as some of the activities require consumables.


Our most basic pod which features six to eight activities designed for two classes to access through a week costs £100.


Champions is a six week course for up to sixteen Year 5 children who will become advocates for mental health and emotional wellbeing within their schools. The ‘Champions’ work with RBF team members for 90/120 minutes per week (depending on school timetable flexibility) and then lead an assembly to feedback what they have learned to their peers and launch the ‘Champions Challenge’ – a ten week programme to encourage all the children in two year groups to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing which is administered by the Year 5 Champions.

RBF team members will regularly pop in during the ten weeks to ensure that the Champions are supported as they run the challenge, which involves each child receiving a ‘Champions Passport’ in which they and their parents/carers record activities which they are taking part in that promote positive health each day. At the end of the challenge period, RBF will facilitate a celebration assembly and reward trip for the Champions and the children who completed the largest amount of their passport.

Champions costs £850 per school (up to four form entry). We can supply further sets of Champions Passports for schools who wish to rerun the challenge for other year groups and make best use of their Year 5 Champions’ training as they move through into Year 6 at a cost of £90 per year group with further reward trips arranged on an ‘at cost’ basis.


In response to the COVID19 pandemic, many more children than

ever before have experienced emotional trauma of varying degrees

be it from being isolated from their friends and struggling to catch

up academically through to losing sometimes multiple family members

to illness within a short period of time.


Greater than is a six week course designed to help children in Year 4, 5 or 6 who are working through any kind of trauma, COVID related or not, to build their emotional resilience and develop a set of practical skills that can help them support themselves and others when faced by traumatic incidents in the future.

Greater Than can be delivered as a lunchtime club, a small group intervention for those who are struggling or even to whole class groups.


Where children need longer term involvement, it can also be delivered in shorter sessions over 10-12 weeks rather than the programmed six.

Greater Than costs £720 per course to deliver for groups of 6 to 30 children.


Embers the Dragon is based on a broadcast quality cartoon featuring the vocal talents of national treasures Jo Brand and Penelope Wilton, that are all about a loveable cast of animals exploring different issues that affect their emotional wellbeing. With the support of central government and the National Institute for Health Research, our team of NHS mental health consultant practitioners and education specialists have created a full suite of materials for parents/carers and schools around school readiness and emotional resilience including:

  •  9 or 18 PSHE lessons;

  • Fully resourced session plans for response activities that can be embedded in your free flow/small group work offer;

  • 12 sessions of video led parenting skills sessions to ensure excellent synergy between what is being taught in at school and at home.

Thanks to government support relating to the COVID19 pandemic, part of the resources are available for free to schools and parents/carers at


The full programme is available for £300+VAT per setting (although this will be reduced where a MAT/LA purchases across multiple settings).

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