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construction clubs

Having worked for and with primary schools for many years, we know how challenging it is for teaching staff to just deliver the curriculum let alone all of extra curricular activities that every school would like to offer. Construction Club (CC) is designed to bolt on to a school's existing program of after school clubs and is entirely managed and delivered by our teams meaning that schools can add diversity to their extended hours offering without draining already stretched resources.

The vision behind CC is that the principles underlying the EYFS - that children learn and explore the world best through play - are as true for an 11 year old as they are for a 4 year old. By giving challenges for children to explore through a variety of construction materials as well as allowing space for free play and exhibition of work created, CC is not only a fun extra curricular activity but also a place where development through play and exploration which sadly often gets squeezed out of lesson time can take place.

How do I get a Construction Club running at my school/community venue?
Click here to get in touch with our team and we'll happily take a booking over the phone or arrange a time to come and visit your school/venue to check its suitability and how we can best partner with you to make CC a reality in your location.

How much does it cost?
We do not charge schools to run Construction Club on their site. We would generally charge between £3.50 and £5 per week per child directly to parents/carers in line with other clubs on your site and handle all payments ourselves to avoid creating additional work for your office staff. For schools who would ordinarily charge a hall hire cost for external companies using their premises for an after school activity, we generally offer that rather than paying a hall hire we offer up to 20% of the places at the club for free to children who receive the Pupil Premium, but are happy to pay hall hire fees where necessary. Other venues looking to host a Construction Club are negotiated on a case by case basis.

How many children can come along?
We generally operate with up to 24 participants assuming that the space offered (school halls or similar are usually best to give the children adequate room to spread out) is adequate. We provide two staff members per group to comply with our Safeguarding Policy.

Do you cater for SEN children?
All SEN children have different sets of needs which we would assess on a case by case basis. We can occasionally provide one to one workers for SEN children who would like to take part for an additional cost which we would generally expect to be met from the child's Pupil Premium rather than by their family. We would additionally reserve the right to not offer or revoke a place where a child's presence is having/would have an overly detrimental impact on the enjoyment of the activity by the rest of the group. We request that all schools/host venues let us know about possible SEN/behaviour issues when children initially register rather than  having to have make difficult decisions later on.

What materials do you have?
Our 'base' sets of materials include Lego, Meccano, Mobilo, Marble  Runs, Geomag, Polydrons and Sticklebricks, although we are adding  to our stock all the time as we run more clubs and discover more  media! We also bring other special materials along for particular  challenge weeks (like building Big Ben out or straws and selotape,  the Eiffel Tower out of newspaper, etc...!)


curriculum teaching

The Red Balloon Family provide curriculum teaching in a variety of disciplines delivered by our experienced staff.


As an overview, we have delivered within the last academic year:

- Weekly 1 Hour RE Sessions as part of PPA Cover provision

- Weekly 2 Hour Art & Drama Combined sessions as part of PPA Cover

- Weekly 2 Hour Art & Animation workshops as a special project for Year 6’s

- Weekly 1 Hour Drama Sessions in an Alternative Education setting

- Interactive PSHE Theatre Shows focusing on Bullying, Internet Safety &
  Safer Strangers for whole year groups


We are able to offer all of these, combinations of these and other provision at very reasonable rates starting at just £25 per hour per staff member. Some of team hold full QTS, others have appropriate specialist skills in arts, RE, etc., depending on the sessions they are delivering.



The RBF team have delivered hundreds of school assemblies on a wide variety of topics to ages from 4 to 18. We are happy to discuss any level of involvement with your school for assembly delivery, be it coming to do a special one off on a particular theme right up to having a regular slot every week to build a real relationship with your students. We do not make a charge to schools for our assemblies work as we feel that high quality, interactive, engaging and memorable assemblies are an essential part of education and we want to do all that we can to ensure as many children as possible receive that level of provision.

Christian Faith

We generally tend to use Christian stories and ideas to communicate the particular themes you request, for instance, we might share part of the story of Joseph to talk about “Family” or “Bullying”, or Gideon to explore “Courage”. We also have a bank of all different ways of teaching about Christian festivals and are happy to deliver special Christmas/Easter/Pentecost (Whitsun) assemblies.

We are also happy to use secular stories or stories from other faiths on request although we wouldn’t take on a regular weekly booking on that basis. In line with the Essex RE Curriculum, we can also deliver assemblies about ceremonies and festivals for any religion exploring how they compare and contrast with Christianity (for example, we have delivered assemblies looking at how Buddha Purnima (the celebration of the birth of Siddhartha Gautama in Buddhism) compares with Christmas or looking at the ways that various religions celebrate a Harvest Festival).


lunchtime clubs

The RBF team have delivered a number of different bespoke lunchtime clubs in response to requests from headteachers for activities which serve particular groups within their school. Whether it is a group of Year 3’s who need help with confidence and self-esteem, a group of SEND children who are struggling to cope out in the playground or you’d like us to work with your entire Year 6 through an academic year preparing them for transition to Secondary School, we are happy to meet and discuss your needs and put together an intervention that will work well with your children.


If RBF are already delivering other projects within a school (e.g., curriculum teaching or an after school club) we generally do not make a charge for a lunchtime club although this varies from project to project. If the lunchtime club is the only thing we are delivering, we usually ask for a small contribution to offset the cost of our staff’s time.