sawbridgeworth evangelical congregational church

The Red Balloon Foundation are currently working alongside Sawbridgeworth Evangelical Congregational Church to develop a variety of new children's and youth ministry projects. 

If you are interested in RBF working with your church or organisation to develop similar programmes, please contact

SECC Groups

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Twisted Roof Structure

Justice Zone

6:30-8pm every Thursday during term time

If you have a passion for seeing a change in the world weather its community action or the environment, come spend time with other young people who have a passion for social action. 

Our aim to put our faith into action learning about the Bible and then putting God's love for the community into action with various projects such as fundraising and creating a community garden. 



Friday nights have never been so good, if you love a challenge, sporty games, chill our spaces, chat times, crafts and more fun activities, then you will love Zone. 

Zone is split into Zone 1 (year 3-6) and Zone 2 (year 7-10) based on the age of your young person. 

Zone 1 is 7-8pm and Zone 2 is 8:15-9pm

COVID contingency: Due to COVID each Zone will be broken into two subgroups marked by colours, each subgroup becomes a bubble of 15 people, this will then act to ensure all the young people are safe.