Red Balloon Family run a variety of Self-Esteem Workshops for young people in the Epping Forest District and beyond. the Red Balloon Family expressed a particular passion to see young people break the chains of insecurity.  Funded by the council, we created this workshop.

The aim of the sessions is to get young people to recognise what lies they are believing about themselves. Then to change those to the truths of who they really are.

Understanding yourself and your values empowers and allows you to step forward in confidence. At the end of the session, each individual will have created an identity board that they can take home to remind them of what they have learnt. The team can cater the sessions to whatever group they are teaching. They are suited for everyone, whatever gender, background or faith.


Our back catalogue of hosts have included Girl Guides, Church youth groups and alternative education programmes.Each session works as a starting block for conversation and growth in friendship groups and youth groups, therefore if there are any leaders/teachers etc. who would like advice or support on following up these sessions through conversations, or creating a culture of honesty, we have a team who would be more than happy to help at If you would like Red Balloon Family to run a Self-Esteem Workshop at your group, please get in touch at the same email address


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