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When someone is attacking us with words, images, videos or physical violence, the first thing we need to do is make it stop. Its not OK, and nobody deserves it, no matter what they have or haven't said or done. 

The Big Numbers of Young People





have self harmed

have attempted suicide

reported damaged confidence

don't want to go to school anymore


Don't be part of these numbers. Make it STOP by...

Responding CALMLY to what's happening.

You've known since you were five years old that if you hit them back, then you'll eventually end up in just as much if not more trouble than the person who started it.

Asking the the person to STOP what they are doing (even if you don't think it will help)

You only need to ask once, but if you don't ask at all, then it makes it harder for people to help you further down the road.

SCREENSHOTING or SAVING everything that's happened so far.

If there's no evidence of what's been said/done, even if its really embarrassing to you, it is very difficult for others to offer support later on.

Offline, you can try and avoid someone but if they are in your school, we know really that's impossible. Online, it can be equally tricky to get away from someone who is targeting you but your emotional health and wellbeing is worth more than your follower count. It is really important that you do everything you can to stop the person hurting you further in whatever way they have been targeting you.

Click on the logo below to jump to the site of the network the person is using to target you for their instructions on how you can REPORT and BLOCK someone...

Isn't reporting or blocking someone a bit extreme...?

Look, we understand, we really do. Hitting 'REPORT' or 'BLOCK' seems like a big deal. Thing is, OFFLINE you'd never let them get away with treating you like that, and because ITS ALL REAL LIFE, you can't let it carry on ONLINE either...

Also, it might not be a big deal for you, but the next person they do it to could be one of the BIG NUMBERS up above. Do it for them even if you don't do it for you.

This is the most important of the three. And the most difficult. 

It isn't easy to talk to people about what happens ONLINE. Problem is, without the help of other people, its really unlikely that that it will stop. That photo will keep on circulating, that comment will keep appearing and every time you try to play multiplayer, there they'll be.

The best thing you can do is talk to a TRUSTED ADULT. Like a parent/carer, family member, teacher, activity leader, sports coach... Someone you trust and can be honest with. Tell them how what's happening is making you feel, and tell them you want them to help you make it stop.

And talk to your MATES too. The real ones who aren't spreading rubbish about you on Instagram. Let them help you build up the courage to talk to your TRUSTED ADULTS. Maybe they'll even go with you and back you up. That's what mates are for.

And if you can't imagine talking to your family or your friends, then CALL CHILDLINE.

People think you have to be in really serious trouble to talk to Childline, but actually they will talk to anyone about anything and can really help. Check the video for more info.

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