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RBF Consultancy


The trustees of Red Balloon Foundation believe it is the mission of our organisation to work with other organisations in order that individuals and communities are supported to Belong, Believe and Become, birthing a generation of disciples who are Dauntless. When RBF works together with a church, we are seeking to support that community of faith to create and/or grow activities and spaces where people from their local community can experience a deep and true sense of belonging and, once that is established, can experience opportunities to explore a belief in Jesus and the truth that He has a wonderful plan and purpose for their life. From that place of belief in a Saviour and in themselves, they can then be supported to become all that God designed them to be… a dauntless disciple committed to building the Kingdom of Heaven. 

 Construction Worker


But not hiding what's going on underneath...



...that supports draws the eye to the foundations that already exists

Solar and Wind


Providing long term partnership and resourcing 

We also believe RBF’s calling as an organisation is not to be the community for those people we encounter… because Jesus calls His church to be that community. Instead, we seek to be scaffolding to God’s people, and moreover, the type of scaffolding shown within the centre image where the church is still clearly visible, and indeed is what the eye is drawn to, rather than the scaffolding on the left which ‘wraps’ the church so folk build relationship with RBF rather than with the church of God’s people.

To extend the metaphor, it is also worth recognising that some scaffolding stays up for a period of months or sometimes for a period of years – every project to build up the church is different – and that is why we often engage with churches for time limited periods and regularly review every project we undertake to see whether it is time that the activities and spaces we are collaborating on can stand alone, whether the scaffolding needs to move to another part of the church’s ministry, whether more scaffolding is needed as the opportunities for mission and discipleship increase or indeed whether we should move into a different kind of partnership. 

For some churches, we will establish a longer term relationship where RBF becomes one of the church’s essential utilities like gas or electricity – like the image on the right - as your ‘supplier’ of children’s, youth, families and/or community outreach ministry. We may even work to plant a RBF Locality Hub together with one or more church partners in a particular area - which you could think of as the utility substation feeding many churches and other projects within a single area from a central point.




  • Assistance with the successful recruitment of a children’s, youth and families’ worker

  • Support in the training, professional development of a recruited worker

  • Supply of RBF staff team in lieu of the recruitment of a worker (either while recruitment is ongoing or on a longer term basis to build up and support existing volunteers and activities to the point where an appointment becomes more viable/sustainable)

  • Supply of resources and/or training to empower volunteers to take on more leadership and/or feel more comfortable in their roles

  • Project management for short term schemes like refurbishments, extensions, new builds, etc.

  • Back office support with setting up systems (e.g., online registers/registration), policy review/generation, risk assessments, etc.

Water Pipe


  • Supply of an RBF worker or team of workers on a longer term basis who will be employed by RBF but lead on delivery of projects for the church 

  • Full co-appointment of a worker who can be fully shared between the church and RBF 

  • Long term project management for community facilities

  • Planting of a RBF Locality Hub


RBF does everything it can to keep our delivery costs down and affordable to churches we work with. Generally, our sessional delivery rate is £24 per hour per worker (where we are providing a worker ‘on the ground’) and £36 per hour for consultancy services (where we are providing strategic support). We do charge for the amount of time it takes to set up/pack down from a group and for sessions where we provide resources (e.g., food, craft materials, etc.) we charge a pre-agreed fixed weekly fee to allow our church partners to budget accurately.

We are always happy to explore working with churches on specific school holiday focussed or other special activities like residentials, attendance at Christian festivals, etc., on a case-by-case basis as opportunities arise, usually at a very minimal cost. 

In terms of the pricing listed above, we work with churches on the basis that we let potential partners know what it would cost RBF to deliver any given project then invite you to come back with an offer of what would work within the budget you have available for the ministry. Some churches make a donation to our Foundation in line with the figures given, others donate more and some pay less according to their resources. Where there is any surplus, we reinvest that money back into supporting those churches who are unable to donate in line with the suggested figures given. RBF are also experienced fundraisers coming close to raising over £500,000 for partner organisations over the past five years so where there is a shortfall between a church’s ambition for ministry and the available funds, we are happy to work together to make bids for grants or look at other creative ways for the proposed work to be funded.


Ready to talk to us about how we could work together? Click on the link below and drop our Partnerships Manager a line to book an initial meeting or Zoom conversation...

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