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BalloonBox Midweek is a ministry resource designed to equip and enable your team to deliver amazing midweek after school groups with activities based on biblical teachings.


BalloonBox Midweek is written for ages 2-14 and can be used in a number of ways to suit your group.


The content and teaching to BalloonBox is written by a team of families workers with decades worth of combined experience and degrees in Christian theology and education.

We follow a core teaching series that over a three-year cycle will cover the entirety of scripture.

Inside the box


Response Activities


In each midweek session, there are 13 response activities for your team to choose from! 


These include:

  • individually designed crafts

  • food activities

  • puzzles

  • Bible explore challenges

  • construction activities

  • performance pieces

  • Competitive games!

All this planning is included as standard each week for your team to use as much or as little as you'd like. 


Any activity-specific craft resources are also included in the box at no extra cost!

If you would like RBF to supply Eat activity ingredients in your box. A surcharge for this service might apply.

Teaching Content

The teaching content for midweek sessions offers two introduction activities and a finding challenge to choose from that begin a conversation about the topic. 

This is then followed by a choice of four different ways to share the message including Bible's, DVD and online content.

Based on this teaching there is a series of wondering questions to explore the landing point of the session with the group including background notes for the leader.


Youth Bible Study


For ages 11-14 Explore + provides a deeper Bible study based on the same teaching. This study consists of an introduction activity, starter discussion, an in-depth study of the particular scripture and a closing real-life application point for the group to land the teaching in their own experience. 

Prayer Response


For all ages to close the session there is a plenary prayer activity. This prayer activity is usually very interactive and often lots of fun whilst also engaging the group in collective or personal prayer.

Examples of such activities include praying with fizzy tablets, bubbles and incense! Each activity is unique to the session and any kit required is included in your box! 


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