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Red Balloon Foundation are committed to supporting families who cannot, for whatever reason, get involved in groups happening in their local community, are home schoolers or would just like to enjoy a selection of great activities together at home. We are proud to have worked alongside the churches of St. Peter in the Forest, St. Mary'sSt. John's and Greenleaf Road Baptist Walthamstow to deliver a variety of different 'Boxes of Hope' across E17. After delivering 300 boxes since April 2020, the main scheme is now closed to new applications but we are pleased to still be open to referrals from families who attend certain schools (see below).

If you are a Box of Hope referral partner and would like to request an urgent box for a family in need we are of course still happy to help - please contact

If you are interested in RBF working with your church or organisation to develop a BalloonBox selection specific to your geographical area or specific network of supported families, or would like to commission RBF to deliver boxes to families connected to your chuch/organisation please contact



If you are a family in urgent need of a Box of Hope referral partner who needs to request assistance, please email and we will do what we can to supply you with a box or refer you to another agency for support.

We are still accepting requests for FREE homeboxes

for families who attend certain schools

Thanks to a generous gift from our partners at St. John's Walthamstow, we are still able to offer Homeboxes for families whose children attend the following schools: 

Chapel End Infants/Juniors (or Early Years Centre)

Hillyfield Primary

Roger Ascham Primary

Walthamstow Academy

The Winns Primary

Simply order your HomeBox below and select the school your children attend from the drop down menu


HomeBox contains all sorts of exciting themed activities for families with children aged 4-10 year old to explore together and for children to be able to enjoy independently. These can form a fun activity day all together, or can be spread throughout a week to provide a daily treat or part of a homeschool curriculum.

Each Box contains a selection of:

  • English/literacy activities differentiated for Early Years, Year 1/2 and Year 3-5 

  • Maths/numeracy activities differentiated for Early Years, Year 1/2 and Year 3-5

  • Fun craft and puzzle activities with required special resources

  • Food based activity with ingredients and recipes

  • STEAM linked activity (science/technology/engineering/art/mathematics)

We are adding more themes all the time linking to a variety of topics from Seasons and Superheroes to special national/international events like the VE Day Celebrations and St. George's Day!

Boxes ordered for children from Chapel End, Hillyfield, Roger Ascham, Walthamstow Academy or The Winns are free thanks to support from St. John's Walthamstow. You can order your free box by clicking the link.


Homebox PLUS

Imagine all the fun of a HomeBox... Plus a variety of staple groceries to support family life, including healthy foods, toiletries, sanitary & baby products (where required) as well as cleaning supplies. Everything you need for a happy, safe and well stocked household.

Perfect for families who, for whatever reason, are not so able to get to the shops at the moment or just need to receive a blessing and one less thing to worry about.

Each box costs £30 (including postage to mainland UK) and you can buy a single box, sign up to receive them weekly either for your own family or as a gift.



LunchBox is a great opportunity for families to enjoy learning new skills together as they make simple, easy meals together that they create again time and time again using the enclosed recipe cards.

Each Box contains the key ingredients to create a meal for a family to enjoy together and a recipe card to allow them make the meal again together in the future.


LunchBoxes cost £8 (including postage to mainland UK) and you can buy a single box or sign up to receive them weekly either for your own family or as a gift.

Image by Asnim Asnim


As a Christian charity, RBF believes that every child and young person should have the opportunity to encounter God in a fun, creative and age appropriate way throughout the week. For some families for a variety of reasons getting along to a church service on a Sunday morning where that can happen is not possible, or they would like a mid week 'top up' to do at home between Sundays.


Whatever the reason you need it for, FamilyBox is a brilliant way for the whole family to explore Biblical teaching together from the comfort of their own home. Each box contains a selection of:

  • Ways to share a Biblical narrative with children and links to online resources

  • A series of 'Wondering Questions' to help explore deeply

  • Two ideas (and the resources) for creative craft/activity responses

  • Response activity using children's toys to help ground the Bible in children's play

  • Suggested prayer activity, puzzle sheets... and more!

Each box costs £5 (including postage to mainland UK) and you can buy a single box, sign up to receive them weekly either for your own family or as a gift.

Sunday School

E17 Boxes of Hope is made possible through generous support from ...

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