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Welcome to Multiply!

Red Balloon Foundation are delighted to be working with Essex County Council to be offering FREE Multiply Courses for adults (age 19+) through a unique online offer to allow as many people to participate as possible.


Sessions are held on Zoom, there's no need to have your camera on (unless you want to) and you can ask/answer as few or as many questions as you want to. If you learn best just by sitting and listening, no problem. If you learn by asking the leader to repeat every step until you've got it, that's fine too. RBF Multiply is about Your Maths, Your Way.

What Flavour Would You Like to Learn?

RBF offers two 'flavours' of Multiply - one focussed on building skills around money and personal finances and one that is all about building general number confidence. Each session is taught in a fun and engaging way connected to real life scenarios- weights and measures are explored through recipes you might be cooking for your family, percentages through working out the best prices for that new outfit in the sale and graphs working out the best finance on a car or exchange rate for your holiday money. There's more information about Multiply: Money and Multiply: Number at the bottom of this page. You can choose to do just one Multiply course or both - its entirely up to you.

What do I get for taking part?

Whichever of our Multiply courses you choose to take part in, you'll be working through resources accredited by ASDAN which means for every 10 hours of work you complete, you will receive a nationally recognised certificate which could be helpful to include on your CV or could even be used as credit towards another course in the future.

However, if you don't want to do ten hours, no problem - you can receive a certificate from RBF for every four online sessions you attend, meaning even if you only have a little bit of time to spare, you can still be recognised for your work.

RBF also offers special incentives to all our Multiply learners including:

  • After completing two sessions you'll receive a Multiply Learner Pack through the post including an ASDAN workbook, calculator, stationary set and more...

  • After completing four sessions you'll receive a £20 voucher (either for Amazon, Costa or a supermarket of your choice) and a certificate

  • After completing eight sessions you'll receive a further £20 voucher and another certificate

  • After completing ten sessions you'll receive a nationally accredited certification from ASDAN  

Roll On & Roll Off

We know life is busy, so we offer four different times in the week that you can participate. All four sessions each week are the same, so you can pick the one that fits your availability the best.

If you miss a week, no problem - we offer the course on a rolling basis so in ten week's time, the same session will run again and you can complete the session you missed then if you want to.

I Don't Have Any Data!

Worried about not having enough data to take part? RBF can provide you with data vouchers or with a wireless hub which you can also use for whatever else you need it for as long as you complete a Multiply session with us each week. 

Worried about not having a device? RBF has a number of tablets and laptops we will happily lend to our Multiply learners who need them so long as they complete a Multiply session each week and for the rest of the time you can use them for whatever else you might need them for.


If you'd like help with data or a device, contact or tick the box on your registration form.

Who Can Take Part?

Anyone who is age 19+ and doesn't hold a grade 4-9 (or grade C to A*) in GCSE Maths (or an equivalent Level 2 qualification) is eligible to take part.

If you do have a qualification but still feel like you could benefit from a course, please contact and our team will be pleased to help.


Multiply: Money

Who doesn't want to multiply their money?!

When times are tough, having confidence to know how to best use our finances is really helpful. 

Work with our tutors and complete simple challenges at home to earn up to two nationally recognised ASDAN credits covering...

  • Whether the 'deals' in supermarkets really are any cheaper and choosing where to shop

  • Choosing the right mobile phone tariff

  • Comparing different bank accounts and credit cards

  • Buying goods on finance or using loans

  • Planning your household budget and understanding what impact inflation can have

Ready to sign up? 


Multiply: Number

Whether its wanting to help your children with their homework or being able to keep up at work, numbers are part of our every day life and being confident with them can transform our day. 

Work with our tutors and complete simple challenges at home to earn up to two nationally recognised ASDAN credits covering...

  • Planning meals and following recipes working with weights and measures

  • Understanding fractions, decimals and percentages

  • Reading from and drawing graphs

  • Converting from one currency to another

  • How to estimate large numbers

  • How to switch from litres to gallons, kilometres to miles, etc.

Ready to sign up? 


Current RBF Multiply courses run as follows:

(remember, you only need to attend one session person week, not all of them!)


We are happy for learners to complete a Number course and a Money course if they would like to and you will earn vouchers for both courses (so potentially £80 of vouchers if you complete everything...)

Morning Sessions

Monday 10-11 (Number)

Monday 11-12 (Money)

Afternoon Sessions

Tuesday 12-1 (Number)

Tuesday 1-2 (Money)

Weekend Sessions

Sunday 2-3 (Number)

Sunday 3-4 (Money)

To sign up for any course, contact There is no cost to participants as Multiply is entirely funded by Department for Education via Essex County Council.

Please note where sessions are full, priority will be given to learners from Epping Forest, Harlow, Maldon and Rochford. Learners in these areas can also benefit from optional face to face sessions if they require additional support to complete the course.

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